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Products and solutions for Power Distribution – from grid hardening and monitoring to overhead transmission lines.

Products and Solutions for Power Distribution

Connecting the world. Today and in the future.

Welcome to Prysmian Group

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Years of Experience


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Excellence and integrity in energy and communication

We believe passionately in one key principle. That our customers and innovation should drive all that we do. It’s why we’re the world’s largest and leading energy and telecom cable company.
We work directly with our customers to develop our products, services and technologies. And thanks to a dedication to research and development, our portfolio continues to grow every day.

Creating a better tomorrow

Sustainability is part of Prysmian Group’s DNA. We’re committed to environmental responsibility in our production processes, the protection of the global environment, and the responsible management of relations with the local communities in which we work. Our CSR approach also champions diversity, equality and inclusion, taking a proactive approach to employee engagement, equal opportunities, and community empowerment.

Our business areas and expertise

Energy Division
Specialising in products and services for power distribution, and special cables for applications in many different industries, as well as medium and low voltage cables and accessories for the construction and infrastructure sectors.
Projects Division
From underground cable systems supporting the energy transition and powering wind farms, to submarine systems deployed by our cable-laying vessel Leonardo Da Vinci, we work on supply only and turnkey projects for some of the world’s largest operators.
Telecom Division
The world’s largest provider of cutting-edge cables and accessories for voice, video and data transmission, offering a comprehensive range of optical fibres, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems.

We’re enabling the worldwide digital and energy transition

More capacity. More speed. More business value.

Every day, everywhere, we’re supporting the development of smarter, more sustainable power grids, and more intelligent telecom networks. Helping to move electrical energy from generation to distribution. And helping deliver information faster and further than ever before.

Today, the world is facing three great challenges, all of which have significant implications for utilities, grid operators, industrial companies, and installers.

The energy transition
From fossil fuels to renewable sources.
The digitalisation of our world
Channelling and transporting an explosion of big data.
Global electrification
Enabling the application of electrical power around the globe.

In all three scenarios, Prysmian Group’s solutions – and the cable technology that underpins them – are driving positive change and innovation.

Powering the future of energy

More efficient, sustainable grids.
A brighter tomorrow.
The move from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is one of the greatest and most urgent issues facing humanity. But to access cleaner, greener energy, more expansive and more intelligent grids and infrastructures are required.
Grids that span further distances – from the offshore location of renewable production to the place of consumption (communities and urban centres).
Grids that facilitate two-way energy traffic to and from cities, streets and homes.
Grids that can cope with the increased capacity demands of global electrification.

Prysmian solutions are the backbone of these next-generation power grids, making connections where it was previously impossible. Whether submarine, underground or overground.

a close-up of an underwater cablea group of workers in orange suits standing in a tunnela city at night
A person standing on a boat deck

Making the digital revolution possible

As society becomes ever-more digitalised, data consumption – and the demands placed on those delivering it – is increasing exponentially.
Today’s networks must provide robust physical infrastructure, trusted IT security, and long-term reliability in order to meet rising demand.
Prysmian Group’s telecom optical fibre technology allows digital data to flow more freely (and securely) around the world, facilitating the rise of 5G, IoT and AI technology, and creating new opportunities for connecting people, places and things.

Higher-performing networks. Smaller spaces.

Why choose Prysmian Power Distribution (PD)?

Because, in short, we do it better.
Because, in short, we do it all.
From start to finish, and beyond.

It’s why we’re the cable experts in the field. Whether we’re talking research and design, creation and testing, or installation and post-deployment – we’ve got every aspect covered.
All our products are developed with a long life span and a next-generation market in mind. They’re flexible and cost-effective too.

The Prysmian PD portfolio

  • Low voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • LV/MV network components
a person wearing a hard hat
be aware

Not all cables are created equal…

When looking at the vast grids that power the world today, it’s easy to assume that each cable is like any other. At Prysmian PD, we think differently. By investing in innovative technology that sets new standards in performance, safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency, we’re helping you rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

And we’re proving that all cables are not the same. Prysmian PD’s work harder, go further, and aim higher.

We’re partner to some of the world’s major transmission system operators (TSOs) and utility companies.

What do we offer? Everything
Whether you want a universal or fully customised solution. Whether you're just looking for cables or an entire system. Whether you’re all set or need an end-to-end service. Prysmian PD can fulfil any power system specifications, to suit your exact requirements – however small or large.
Beyond the cable
We’re more than a cable supplier. Yes, we may be the world’s leading and largest producer of cable, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re also innovators. Partners. Enablers. General advisers. And we can provide as little or as much project support as you wish – from straightforward cable provision to turnkey project management.
It’s all in the detail
We put our customers at the heart of all we do. And our attention to detail is second to none. It means our designs are customised to perfectly match your individual needs. It means our solutions are as unique as you are. It means our award-winning power portfolio is borne of painstaking research and a deep knowledge of exactly what utilities, engineers, governmental bodies, grid operators and TSOs demand.

The perfect partner for grid operators and utilities

Helping you make an informed choice

At Prysmian, we like to stand out. For all the right reasons. And there are many reasons why grid operators and utilities companies globally choose to work with us.
A man wearing a hard hat and working on a power line

As organisations shift from a project-driven strategy to a process-driven approach, availability, shorter timelines and more streamlined project management becomes increasingly important.

At Prysmian we’re poised to help meet your efficiency, cost and sustainability targets. Here’s how.
Trustworthy track record
With 150 years’ experience, we work in 50 countries worldwide and are trusted by some of the biggest  players in their industries.
Prysmian Group is committed to its role in the energy transition, helping our partners and customers work towards a more sustainable future.
Drum intelligence
Smart, cloud-based drum management with access to data on the location and contents of each drum.
Simple upgrading
The majority of our range is based on a modular design, engineered for quick and simple jointing.
Your one-stop-shop
A single point of contact for all your needs – from design, manufacture and installation, to maintenance, testing, technical support and beyond.
Cost-efficiency and reliability
Our products are engineered for rapid installation and easy maintenance, with savings on time and budget throughout the process.
Speed of service
Unrivalled efficiency when it comes to cable laying, identifying disruptions and disturbances and rapid-response resolutions.
On-time delivery
Integrated logistics solutions to shorten lead time and a rapid, robust and dedicated supply chain mean flexibility and on-time delivery.
Our team of over 900 research and development professionals is constantly looking to the future, predicting and identifying emerging trends.
Unmatched safety and performance
Unrivalled efficiency when it comes to cable laying, identifying disruptions and disturbances and rapid-response resolutions.
Perfect partnerships
Integrated logistics solutions to shorten lead time and a rapid, robust and dedicated supply chain mean flexibility and on-time delivery.
Engineering expertise
Our team of over 900 research and development professionals is constantly looking to the future, predicting and identifying emerging trends.
Customer centricity and customisation
We put our customers first, understanding their needs and working together to ensure ongoing satisfaction. We can work flexibly to your requirements, integrating IT tools where needed.
Management and monitoring
Diagnostics for predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, and sensing systems – we’ve got everything you need to manage your cable systems effectively and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

Our monitoring teams guarantee a response within 48 hours.
Long shot of several wind turbines

Our commitment to a low-carbon, fairer future

We’re powering a truly sustainable tomorrow for ourselves and our customers, without compromising on quality.

Together, we can take charge of innovation, to find, create and deploy solutions which build a better future for everyone.

A culture of integrity

We uphold the highest standards of fair and ethical practice in every action we take. Our culture is reinforced by a Code of Ethics, covering:
  • Ethics in business activities
  • Ethics in internal relations
  • Ethics in environmental and social matters
We’re committed to promoting a business model that integrates economic, social and environmental responsibility in every aspect and activity of the Group.
Protecting the communities in which we operate
Decreasing waste
Sustainable production processes
Guaranteeing workplace safety
Reducing emissions
Low-polluting products

Green inside and out

Following a business strategy consistent with the UN’s SDGs, we’re helping the outside world achieve a green future. And now, with our ECO CABLE products, installed in homes, infrastructures and cities, we’re turning the world green from the inside too.

Assessed against six measurable criteria

To be ECO CABLE-labelled, each cable family must pass a rating process based on key principles.
1. Carbon footprint
Calculated with a ‘cradle-to-gate’ approach and combined with other parameters to achieve a full ‘cradle-to-grave’ carbon footprint.
2. Substances of very high concern
ECO CABLE products must be free of substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, or hazardous for the environment.
3. Recyclability/circularity
Indicates that materials used in the cables are potentially recyclable or the products themselves are potentially fully recyclable.
4. Recycling input rate
Confirms the presence of recycled material in a cable, both purchased from external suppliers and reused by Prysmian Group itself.
5. Environmental benefits
Applies to low-carbon enabling products, CPR-compliant cables, and cables used for green energy sources.
6. Cable transmission efficiency
The more efficient the cable, the more sustainable its performance.

Sustainability. Reliability. Quality.

ECO CABLE is our pledge to provide transparent and clear indication and information (using recognised criteria) on the greenness of our cables, based on three key drivers: sustainability, reliability, and quality.

ECO CABLE is the cable industry’s first green label

ECO CABLE uses measurable assessment criteria to determine a cable’s environmental impact, paving the way for the introduction of green labelling systems in the cable industry.


The sustainable future of power distribution

Engineered to handle the fluctuating demand of wind, solar and hydroelectric power, P-Laser is a totally eco- friendly cable, manufactured using thermoplastic and fully recyclable materials. Not only does it increase operating temperature range by 20% and deliver optimised supply chain processes, but it also offers superior performance and total compatibility.

A more sustainable production process

P-Laser’s production process utilises ‘zero-gas’ technology, reducing CO2 emissions by around 1 tonne/km. Degassing is no longer required and its use of thermoplastics means a more efficient, fully integrated production process from start to finish.

A rapid and robust, yet truly agile supply chain

Manufacturing is the soul of our company. We were born to produce. We deliver world-leading products to our customers by putting them at the centre of our daily work. And by endeavouring to truly understand your needs in order to provide an exceptional service.

A key part of our success therefore, lies in the quality, efficiency and capability of our supply chain.
a group of trucks on a highwaya close-up of a machine


We strive to deliver you the best-in-class. Fast.
Starting with the swift identification of your exact needs, supported by on-time delivery of tailored high-quality products and solutions, backed up by the guarantee of prompt management of any critical situations.

A lean manufacturing chain and large, modern centres of excellence greatly enhance our capacity – on a local and global scale.


Our supply chain is dynamic too.
We continually streamline decision-making processes across the board, enabling us to manoeuvre more effectively in response to market demand.

Equally, we can be agile depending on customer requirements, offering both standardised and customised solutions, delivering to rural locations and storing cable stock upon request.

Saved time. Saved money. Guaranteed quality. Epic service.

We have manufacturing plants across the world, so supply chains are shortened, and logistics costs are lower – we pass on these time and cost savings to our customers.
We have complete control over our production. So we can guarantee complete control over our quality too. It’s why our quality assurance is unrivalled.

Safety without compromise

Ensuring safe performance from installation to maintenance, and beyond.

At Prysmian Group, we have one mission: to supply our customers with the most innovative, technologically advanced and appropriate cables – no matter the project.

We understand the crucial role our cables play in keeping engineers, assets and infrastructure safe. That’s why we ensure that, through continuous investment in innovation, our products are not only high performing, but also that they meet the optimum standards of product safety.

The Prysmian Performance Test

The industry’s only comprehensive assessment system. We evaluate cable safety, performance and usability.

Investing in safety throughout your business

Everyone should feel responsible for – and contribute towards – safety, reliability and compliance.

Prysmian Group is here to support you in this endeavour, offering you access to the most technologically advanced solutions, and keeping you one step ahead of evolving and changing legislation. Cables provide the fundamental infrastructure of modern life.
The risks surrounding misuse or misinterpretation of standards and compliance practices must be reduced to protect people’s lives and wellbeing.

Enabling informed purchasing decisions, and the rigorous application of up-to-date standards is paramount to safety, reliability and fair trade. Which is why we’re committed to education and the transparency of information in this field.

But we don't stop there

We supply reliable and competitive safety solutions that aren’t limited by technology or materials.
We communicate with end-users, opinion leaders and electrical professionals about the importance of fire safety-compliant cables for people, animals and the environment, and the importance of choosing safer cabling.

Ongoing innovation

Being a leader means knowing how to innovate. Our forward-thinking R&D team knows how to push the limits of what’s possible. We’re always finding new ways to make next-generation cables that are lighter, tougher, more resilient and greener. But we take innovation one step further.
From improving maintenance and management and eliminating failures and risk-factors to reducing the carbon footprint of our production and supply chain, we’re constantly working to solve our customers’ biggest challenges and support grid hardening process.

E3X® Technology

Prysmian Group’s ground-breaking E3X® Technology is the utility industry’s first heat-dissipating overhead conductor that transforms the power grid through reduced power loss, increased power carrying capacity and lower costs. A thin, durable coating is applied to the surface of any TransPowr® overhead conductor to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating temperatures and improve cost of ownership – both upfront and long term.

Cable Anti-Theft Solution

To reduce the risk of cable theft and improve the tracing of stolen cables, PryDNA is our conductor chemical taggant solution that can be applied to all copper and aluminium cables. The complex chemical formulations cannot be seen, damaged or removed for the life of the product – even withstanding fire damage and extremely high temperatures.

When combined with our security warnings, this technology can act as a deterrent as well as helping the authorities identify stolen hardware and trace criminal activity.

AIR BAGTM – Polymeric Protection System Cable

This revolutionary cable protection system maintains the functional advantages of unarmoured cables, while combining better mechanical performance with higher levels of protection. Independent of insulation and screens, AIR BAG™’s architecture is based on extruded layers of special polymeric materials.

The technology can be applied to low-, medium- and high-voltage cables, as well as single core, multi-core and multiplexed cables. Compared to traditional steel- armoured cables, AIR BAG™ offers dramatic reductions in weight, diameter and installation time. It also offers longer cable lengths, fewer joints and no corrosion.

ALL GROUND® solutions by General Cable

For quick and easy cable burial, ALL GROUND® solutions don’t rely on controlled backfill or sand for installation. They also reduce the need for motorised equipment, making sites safer, reducing disruptions to traffic and local infrastructure.

There’s also an environmental case for these cables due to less heavy metals in the production process, more efficient installation and the fact that local earth is replaced, which reduces the project’s carbon footprint.


Next-generation cable management comes in the form of RFID tags for better identification and documentation, significantly decreasing the risk of singling out the wrong cable.

Along with a user-friendly app, scanner and software, PRY-ID is a fully integrated cloud-based solution. Combining wireless technology for digital labelling and data transmission using radio waves makes PRY-ID a highly flexible and reliable way to identify cables.

Fire-resistant and retardant cables

Innovating to meet numerous global standards, we ensure our cables meet the highest standards of product safety. This includes testing and developing based on how quickly fires spread across cables and therefore how long they allow for successful evacuations, how much smoke or other dangerous gas is released, and how resilient they are.

Fire resistant cables can maintain the integrity of a circuit for longer, staying functional when used by emergency services and fire and rescue teams.

Sustainable metals

Prysmian Group consumes a large volume of base metals – most notably copper and aluminium rods for cable conductors. A core part of our strategy is ensuring our value chain is as sustainable as possible. We therefore source raw materials from the world’s leading mining and smelting companies, taking each supplier’s carbon footprint into account.
High-temperature production processes are factored into our supplier selection criteria, and we’ve worked to make raw material trading more sustainable through a complete transition to paperless supply chain management.

World-leading cable technology and accessories

Reliable solutions for a wide range of applications
Low voltage
Medium voltage
LV & MV network components and accessories

From low-voltage (LV) and medium-voltage (MV) cables to joints, terminations, cleats and more, Prysmian PD’s offering is expansive.

Our experience designing, manufacturing, testing and installing products across all voltages helps us connect you with cutting-edge innovation and work towards a sustainable future.

Low voltage
Designed for a voltage of between 50 and 1,000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1,500 V for direct current, our low-voltage solutions can be tailor-made to meet the unique demands of different markets and customers.

We offer both flexible and rigid cables for low voltages, with compounds that vary from PVC to low-smoke, zero halogen.
LV portfolio
  • Building wires
  • Power cables
  • Data cables
Medium voltage
For use with voltages of 1 kV upwards, our medium-voltage power cables offer a great deal of flexibility for utilities applications. They can be armoured or unarmoured to suit your requirements.

The insulation varies from paper to EPR, PVC, XLPE and HPTE, and the core can include solid or stranded copper – both single and triplex.

LV and MV network components and accessories

Prysmian PD has a long and successful track record of delivering low and medium-voltage cable systems, which has led to the development of a vast array of LV and MV accessories.
Our portfolio includes transition, trifurcating and branch joints, terminations for indoor and outdoor use, connectors and separable connectors, as well as glands, cleats and fixings, low-voltage link boxes, tooling and resins. In addition, engineering services and custom solutions ensure all power system specifications and requirements can be met.
Cleats and resin for LV applications
Our comprehensive range of accessories includes two key product families for LV applications: cleats and resin compound.

Used to fix and support cable structures, Prysmian cleats also play a vital role in protecting costly devices installed within low-voltage systems thanks to their restricting action. This prevents damage by unforeseen cable failures and short circuits, reducing the risk of system disruptions and shutdowns.

Prysmian’s resin compounds enable the enhanced mechanical protection of any of your system’s devices. Whether you want to bury a joint, or fill a link box with a reliable, low-viscosity isocyanate-free material, we’ve developed the right resin for the job.
ElaspeedTM – the leading delivery system for MV cable accessories
Composed of cold-shrink EPDM technology, ElaspeedTM is widely recognised as the leading MV cable accessory delivery system. It’s a simple, reliable and user-friendly solution.

Both safe and versatile, no special tools or torches are required for installation.

Its flexible design makes it perfect for straight joints, transition joints, branch joints and stop end solutions for one-core and three-core cables.


ElaspeedTM joints have been installed since it was developed in 1994.

Total reliability across the grid

Our cables and accessories are trusted to withstand the biggest stressors in the harshest environments – from electrical, physical and mechanical to torsion, bending, radiation and more.

Digital tools and asset monitoring systems

To support your business more fully, and to help you find new value in a changing world, Prysmian is constantly looking beyond the cables we manufacture.

So our services for grids and utilities now encompass innovative digital solutions that help you work more effectively, more efficiently, more profitably and more sustainably.

Alesea – smart virtual assistance for your cable drums

Alesea is a smart device installed on your cable drums, connected to cloud infrastructure for storage and processing, and an intuitive web platform. An integrated GPS locator, sensors and mobile communications give you near real-time access to information regarding cable drum location, potential theft and tampering, as well as drum use, available cable volume and type.
High- temperature production processes are factored into our supplier selection criteria, and we’ve worked to make raw material trading more sustainable through a complete transition to paperless supply chain management.

PRY-ID – intelligent identification, right where you need it

With PRY-ID, you don’t have to worry whether you’ve found the right cable before cutting it, whether the cable documentation is correct, or how to locate either of the cable ends. By scanning a cable, pre-fixed with an electronic chip, you can access everything you need to know via our user-friendly app.
The information can include product name, tracking number, CPR data, cable length, packaging or drum size, and more. The choice is yours. Without any need for a power supply, and lasting the lifetime of the cable, PRY-ID provides an electronic fingerprint for your cable, wherever and whenever you need it.

PRY-CAM monitoring systems for cost-effective and highly reliable power grids

Prevention is better than cure.

PRY-CAM solutions are specifically designed to tackle power failure challenges, help avoid unplanned outages and provide real-time information about the condition of power assets.part of our success therefore, lies in the quality, efficiency and capability of our supply chain.
PRY-CAM for data-driven power
Power failures can have a detrimental impact on businesses and communities – that’s a fact. No matter the cause, be it a fault in cabling and equipment or maintenance and repair activities, each minute of downtime translates into a reduction in profit, increased costs, and even reputational damage.
Power failures lead to huge costs, and the more complex the solution, the more expensive it is to deploy. Fault prediction is the only approach that allows us, not only to plan power outages, mobilise resources and procure spare parts, but also to avoid serious physical damage to infrastructure and keep inconvenience and financial impact to a minimum.

Why choose PRY-CAM solutions?

PRY-CAM offers a holistic approach to the avoidance of unplanned events. PRY-CAM solutions are designed to provide simple and clear information about the status of electrical assets quickly and efficiently.
PRY-CAM can identify where and when a fault will occur and allows you to adjust maintenance schemes, based on a predictive approach, minimising financial and reputational damage.
Each PRY-CAM solution can be configured based on the customer’s specific monitoring needs – parameters can be adjusted to support specific maintenance and asset management strategiesand provide a 360-degree service.
PRY-CAM solutions are also ideal for retrofitting operations as they do not require power outage for installation. All PRY-CAM devices are maintenance-free and can be connected to a central platform.
PRY-CAM solutions are a powerful preventative tool to help save money on emergency repair costs, indirect costs by reducing outage time, and insurance costs leading to reduced OPEX and extended CAPEX lifetime.
a person holding a tablet
a cable cross-section
a man wearing a hard hat and holding a tablet next to solar pannels
We strive to deliver you the best-in-class. Fast.
  • Online activity, no service interruption required
  • Easy retrofitting
  • On-site and remote support
Benefiting systems
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Cables and cable accessories
  • Generators
Industries and applications
  • Renewables, nuclear and power generation
  • Data centres
  • All applications within a power grid of 3 kV and above
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